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Will iOS In-Car revolutionise the ‘’In Car’’ experience?

Will iOS In-Car revolutionise the ‘’In Car’’ experience?

Apple has already launched the innovative Siri Eyes free system in their battle of the dashboard supremacy. It does what it says on the tin, Siri Eyes Free allows drivers to perform numerous tasks while keeping their eyes on the road through their Smartphone.
The next step which has just been announced at the launch of IOS 7 is the integration of IOS into cars, early reports indicate this will feature an IOS based home screen for the infotainment display along with more Apple features.  One of those features which is set to have an enormous impact on the driver experience is music, Apple are launching iTunes radio which is almost certainly going to improve iPhone user’s cloud access and potentially give access to their music library whether that is on their iPhone or not, on top of that were expecting that the Siri Eyes Free will be optimized seamlessly into the new IOS system improving safety.
The integration of IOS into vehicles has already been established with 12 manufacturers on board which include Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan to name a few that are essentially Supercars and available to hire from Premiere Velocity. The overall aim is to increase the in car experience of passengers and the driver, making the car smarter so eventually it does all the tasks for you increasing safety on the road.
Over Ninety percent of vehicles being sold in the modern era have integrated music playback and control from an iOS device, whether this is through Bluetooth or an auxiliary cable linked to the audio jack. The new IOS system is hoping to take it to another level a loose quote from Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of software and services.
Manufactures are likely to move away from in-house or partner-developed tech systems and offer driver-centred infotainment ”shells” that function with mobile devices – typically phones – as the brains of the system, giving drivers an expanded interface they are familiar with along with more reliable voice recognition and automation. Apple’s move may be the first big step in that shift.
Doubts arise over the fact that if a car is positioned towards Apple users will non Apple users buy into the car. Maybe a hybrid option will have to suffice as car manufacturers will not want to get sucked into the Smartphone war by compatibility with their product line. The solution looks as if it will be bonus features if you own an iPhone and have a car with the IOS system.
Here at Premiere Velocity we are very excited about the possibilities especially the added features in the supercars which will no doubt benefit our supercar hire sector not to mention our prestige hire sector also.
Bradley Irving 

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