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We Test Drive The New McLaren MP4-12C

Firstly, let us make it quite clear- Premiere Velocity are a prestige & supercar hire/rental company, not motoring journalists, so we see things on maybe a more relevant platform. So when I got the call from the guys at McLaren Birmingham to say they were bringing down the new McLaren MP4, a smile as wide as the London Bridge slowly drew across my face.....finally, a chance to see if all the hype is true and to be one of only a handful of people in the world to drive the 600+ BHP engineered beast that hails from Woking in the United Kingdom.

On Wednesday morning whilst sitting in the office I heard a low rumble distinctive of a Supercar, but not a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Rolling up was the McLaren in white with black wheels. It came to a halt and then the masterpiece as the occupant exited the car via the scissor/gull wing doors, which as you can tell, left a bit of an impression on me. I promptly slid into the two tone leather seats which were surprisingly comfortable, and took grip of a steering wheel, and yes, that's all it was- a steering wheel. No buttons, lights, super-duper mode selector, just a round thing you hold and direct the car with. To open the doors, you have to slide in a particular way with compression along the underneath of the area you would expect to find a handle, thus popping those 'bad-boys' up and open. Keyless go means just a press of the ejector seat button starts the burbling engine and prepares you for a journey into the future of high tech Supercars.

The ride is what hits you first, it's, how what you would describe as Mercedes like, but a quick change to a stiffer setting and the difference is instant and you are soon aware of any extra pounds you are carrying around the mid-section! Grip is phenomenal in corners, out of corners, in fact any setting it seems to stick to the road like a four wheel drive, which I was informed was down to a new suspension system. The acceleration is mind boggling, especially when the G-force is pushing your chest back through the exhaust, but if you drive it very lightly it feels like something dare I say, 'you could use every day'.

I personally love technology and am a bit of a techgeek, so unlike the mainstream journo’s, the fact that it doesn't have the 'soul' of the Ferrari 458 Italia doesn’t mean that much, because this has something different, 'gadgets and technology', which like I said, is what is coming.........

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