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Visit to Mercedes Benz World

Supercar Scene meets Mercedes Benz World
Today, The Supercar Scene travelled down to the leafy Surrey suburbs and arrived at Mercedes Benz World. We were greeted with a sight of hundreds of Mercedes, Maybachs and many AMG Black Series. Not only were the sights amazing, the sounds coming from Mercedes-Benz’s very own racing track were also incredible. Whilst we were outside we had two C63 AMG’s at full throttle enjoying the dry racing conditions. As we entered into the extremely grand and friendly atmosphere of the building, you’re swamped by glass and shiny cars. The building is a huge four story complex with a café, restaurant, Mercedes simulation and much much more. So we make our way to the top floor…the AMG sector. An amazing selection of AMG power ranging from the CLS to the A45. As we continued along we were greeted with PS3’s fitted with Gran Turismo 5…We nailed the Top Gear test track in the SLS virtually and headed back down the building with the hope we’d nail the Mercedes Benz track in reality.

So as we head further down the building, we enjoy the sights of the new and old Mercedes-Benz range of luxury automobiles, along with some insane concept cars and F1 cars. We arrived at the ‘Track Experience’ sector and begun our safety brief for our test drive experience. The Supercar Scene were able to drive the 2013 C63 AMG Coupe. Unfortunately due to the safety reasons we were unable to have cameras and phones on. The actual reason given was ‘we don’t want the camera flying through the windscreen on heavy breaking’. 

What an experience, toying with the gearbox management system and switching between manual, sport, sport plus etc was a real eye opener to the technology in the car. We drove a white on black coupe and loved every minute of it. We learnt a lot about the on-board computer that tunes the engine note to crackle and pop during downshifts. There is no reason not to love the AMG power, and we hope to bring more footage of a similar car soon!

So to sum up our trip to MB world; we had a fantastic experience across the whole complex, through the showroom, to the concepts, F1 cars and seeing the new S500 in all its glory! We were even reunited with an old Mercedes SCL600 concept we once saw in Monaco, controlled by a joystick! (for those that have been to the Benz World will know how amazing this car is)…

The place is well worth a visit, we highly recommend a trip, it is also 20 minutes from McLaren HQ in Woking. We unfortunately didn’t see a P1 driving through local roads but we have plenty of time to see one. We hope you enjoy the photos and stay tuned for more news from Premiere Velocity, The Supercar Scene and Mercedes- Benz coming soon.

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