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Up’s & Down’s

I’ve always found the rise and fall of interest in the supercar-hire market rather odd. During a recession when governments issue harsh budget cuts, bump up the taxes and the house prices begin to take a sharp incline, our small yet glamorous market place seems unaffected. Yet there are some days where the sun is shining, the weekend beckons and I’m still looking at a shiny new convertible Ferrari that hasn’t been snapped up by an excited petrol head. Working in such a niche marketplace does allow us to hone and refine our service but like any small business, return customers and consistent business is paramount. There are some days when I can’t quite work out what our client base is thinking but I suppose that’s the beauty of offering a product that has to be ultimately desired to be sold. With this in mind, in preparation for the summer rush we’ve invested in some gorgeous new metal –  Ferrari California 30 Edition,  Jaguar F-Type Convertible Supercharged and a Maserati Grand Cabrio MC-Shift to name but a few. Although it’s almost impossible to predict the rise and fall of our business market, we pride ourselves in harbouring the best possible vehicles, and providing an exemplary service that allows every hire to be a truly unforgettable experience. 

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