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Twitter followers ride with Premiere Velocity

Twitter Competition Passenger Drives

During 2013, our established twitter account managed by our MD, held a competition in which the winner would receive a single day’s hire in either supercar the Ferrari 458 Italia or the McLaren 12C Spyder. After endless retweets and followings a penultimate quiz was issued in December to find a winner, and find a winner we did. A massive congratulation is in order to @TwelfthCylon  for winning the coveted prize, I am sure we will be seeing you in the summer for a spirited drive in more favourable weather.
This left some of our followers disappointed as the excitement of hiring their favourite supercar for free eluded them, which is in all honesty naturally heart-breaking for any petrol head or supercar fan. However to acknowledge some of our loyal fan base and followers we decided that we should reward their support, after all it was all in the Christmas spirit.
Four of our most loyal and supportive twitter followers were rewarded with an opportunity to visit Premiere Velocity. That being our staff, headquarters and most importantly our Supercars, Luxury cars, Prestige cars and 4x4’s. That did not seem to be enough though, so we went one step further and included a passenger ride in their favourite car dependant on availability.
It didn’t take a brain surgeon to guess which marques would be near to the top of our guest’s pick lists with the current crop on our hire fleet marques include Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, McLaren and Audi to name a few. However to please everyone and to avoid disappointment we chose to reserve our Lamborghini LP560 Spyder particularly for the passenger drives, which we knew would be quite popular.
The 21st of January the scheduled date for the passenger rides finally arrived and we welcomed our guests Andy, Chris and Alex into our headquarters. First a meet and greet took place followed by hot and cold refreshments, then on to the coveted tour of our warehouse. We gave a little bit of freedom to Andy, Chris and Alex as we knew it would make their day by sitting in some of the vehicles on our fleet and hearing the engine notes.
This was then followed by an employee James conducting the passenger rides, who is a previous race instructor and track driver with numerous years of experience. From a Premiere Velocity point of view it was great to see the reactions, the smiles and enjoyment all round and want to thank Andy, Chris and Alex for coming down to visit us.
Eyes peeled for the next competition, next might just be the Huracan!

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