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The Ferrari 458 Italia Has Landed

Best news of the year so far, our Ferrari 458 Italia has finaly arrived!

To say that this car is an engineering leap in the Supercar industry is a gross understatement. I have just finished my first day driving the 458 and then jumped into the F430 and it feels like Ferrari have jumped two generations of car.

This Ferrari will faltter average drivers and make good drivers feel like they are ready to assume poll at Silverstone next to Lewis Hamilton. And this is possible because you can now hire the Ferrari 458 Italia from Premiere Velocity.

The power delivery is shockingly smooth and at low speed and revs you could be mistaken for thinking you were in a Mercedes, but that is soon shot from your imagination when you press the loud peddle and evry hair and goose pimple on your flesh makes an appearence, it really is that good. Admittedly, the media system will take some getting used to as it is very fiddly, but who cares when the V8 is sitting about 18 inches behind you.

Lamborghini have been ruling the roost in recent years as far as I am concerened, but there is a new Prancing Horse in town that has just picked up the bulls reigns and rode it out of town.

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