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The Bentley SuperSports Joins Our Fleet

In the last couple of years Bentley have really been pushing their design teams to come up with improved lines on the Continental GT series which shows in the updated version, and they have managed to produce an immaculate Rolls Royce rival in the Mulsanne. But what has really caught our attention is the remit to produce a more 'hardcore' type model and what better way to do it than the 6.0 W12 Bi-turbo beast under the hood. It already pushes out enough horses to host it's own race at Ascot. The Bentley SuperSports model that has just arrived here fresh for rental shows that with just a few tweaks to the engine, throttle and exhaust, it can result in a big difference to the standard model. All the luxury from this hire car is still there, it's just been given a slightly more aggresive bonnet and rear end. What you can hear is where the biggest change seems to have come, with an exhaust note that goes from a rumble to a roar, not that we are complaining!

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