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Supercars - Old v New

Supercars – New vs Old

After spending a few intense years in the driving/supercar industry, it’s quite fascinating to see how far the capabilities of the modern day supercars have moved on.

With direct reference to the supercars we are lucky enough to experience within the hire industry – if we wind back the clock to 2005 when the Ferrari F430 was released, with just under 500bhp it was certainly no slouch, and a far cry from the slightly underpowered and ungainly 360 Modena. However, when comparing a Ferrari F430 to today’s Ferrari 458 – the jump up in handling prowess, technology and sheer power, is truly incredible.

To put things in perspective, a Ferrari 458 Italia (Ferrari’s entry level mid engine supercar) is faster in real world terms than a Ferrari Enzo Hypercar – Of course, an Enzo has more power and is maybe a little lighter – but put them both around Ferrari’s Fiorano Test Track and the 458 will be lapping faster. It’s amazing to think that an accessible supercar like the 458 Italia is Ferrari’s entry-level model.

It’s much the same with the likes of McLaren – The last car they built for road use before the much-accredited MP4 12-C, was the fabled F1 Hypercar. Of course, much like comparing an Enzo to a 458, the F1 is now worth over 2million pounds and will be respected as one of the greatest cars of all time. However, once again, should the McLaren F1 meet it’s much younger and tech friendly cousin at a racing circuit, you’ll find the MP4 putting in faster times.

Porsche, Lamborghini and Audi have all followed suit to a degree. However, forgetting about the facts and figures, the really interesting aspect of this whole development is, that all the lightening fast, mid-range supercars available today, are easy to live with, reliable and accessible to almost anyone.

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