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Sucessful AutoSport & Pistonheads Show

After four tough days and over 6000 brochures the staff here at Première Velocity have managed to return to base. Autsport & Pistonheads 2010 was a great success. So many people had their photos taken with two of Première Velocity's latest hire cars, the Lamborghini LP560 Spyder and the Range Rover Revere Edition. Had it not been for the crowd barriers a stampede could have materialised!

The show had in excess of 70,000 visitors with so many things to see and do, from simulators to the latest cleaning products.The guys from Nubawax, a new waxing product, showed the amazing ease of Nubawax by giving our 2 hire cars the gleam they deserved. Pistonheads came to ask if were going to be back next year and the answer is DEFINATELY! Even the Director of Premiere Velocity gave an interview for the video ... a future in TV we think not.

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