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Staying safe in the Luxury and Supercar hire industry

Staying safe in the luxury & supercar hire industry

There are many genuine companies and operators within the hire industry. Our specific industry is widely regarded as a very competitive market with many organisations vying for an edge over their nearest competitor. We are also directly affected by this vibrant competition here at Première Velocity; however what many novice hirers may not be aware of, are the two very different types of vendor.
How do you distinguish between the two you may wonder? The first is the safer and more trusted type of business: The organisations that own their own assets. The supercars or luxury cars you will be looking to rent from the larger organisations will be owned and stored by the company. This allows for a happier client as the company will be able to provide clear evidence and visual proof of specifics before the booking. The company will also be in sole charge of the vehicle maintenance.
The second type of company or organisation can fall under the headlines mentioned above, however, the important factor or legitimacy falls short as unfortunately there are many companies who have no vehicles and are merely acting as middle men. These proprietors may work closely with a company who have a stock of vehicles, however, more often than not; they will have a select group of private owners who provide their cars. This can be an issue for the hirer as private vehicles will almost certainly not carry the correct insurance to cover a self drive hire. Without the correct insurance you may be at risk of having the car seized, being charged for impound fees or even collecting points on your license for having insufficient insurance.
Première Velocity are proud to be a Supercar and Prestige car hire company whom own their cars and run a very intricate maintenance process. We ensure the vehicles performance to the best of their ability and try to ensure we don’t keep cars for more than 2 years.
But one Ferrari is just like another, or isn't it? Surely, if you can get the same car Première Velocity are offering, but 20% cheaper, then that’s a better deal?  It’s all about the price after all.  But price isn't the only factor; some hirers are drawn in by much lower rates or special deals. When a company or a website is offering a vehicle for far less than its immediate competitors, alarm bells should ring. If the vehicles do not belong to the broker they are merely trying to take a percentage of deal. If the price is low, you can ultimately assume that the broker is paying an even lower cost to his contact.
As a hire company ourselves we encourage people to enjoy the thrill of Supercars and travel in complete comfort and style in our luxury and Prestige cars, safe in the knowledge that both their money and themselves are covered. However we urge you to avoid the pitfalls and dangers some brokers and companies pose.
Some of the red flags you should look out for are;

• If the business is not BVRLA registered
• The business does not have a registered company premises
• Vehicles aren't available for viewing on premises
• Company isn't registered with companies house
• If there is a trader’s policy insurance not self-drive hire insurance
• If there are insufficient ownership documents
• Aged and high mileage vehicles
• If the price is exceptionally discounted – (Remember price represents quality not value)
• No scheduled maintenance reports on vehicles

We’re proud to be able to offer our customers a car hire service that’s built around the best and most up-to-date vehicles available, registered with the correct hire associations, a robust maintenance routine and that’s backed up with the right insurance.  Première Velocity also operates as Hertz Supercars in the UK, so if you wanted a little more peace of mind for your big day or special occasion where more can you find it than from the largest car rental company in the world.

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