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Spectre: a look at Bond’s car history

Today sees the latest instalment in the Bond franchise hit cinemas, titled Spectre. If you've seen any of the trailers, you'll notice the car department at MI6 have upped their game, this time equipping 007 with the stunning Aston Martin DB10. 

It's a shame that we have to start this post with the bad news - only two DB10s will be available, both press cars from the film which will be auctioned off for charity next year. You can however experience our Aston Martin DB9 still.

Many cars have become famous from their appearance in one or many of the Bond films, here's our Top 5.

5. BMW 750il 

The ultimate name in comfort and technology, with this model featuring all the impressive array of gadgets you'd expect 007 to have. You might remember this car from Tomorrow Never Dies, in which Pierce Brosnan as Bond engages in the high octane car chase through a car park, all controlled from his Sony phone. Buttons for the tire spike dispenser, roof mounted missiles and machine guns don't go amiss on this one. Safe to say you probably can't ask for these as optional extras at your local dealership though.

4. Ford Fairline

It's certainly not built for speed but if you're the type to enjoy a dusk drive along the Miami beaches, this is the car. Bond picked it up in Die Another Day but unfortunately didn't come with any gadgets. With it being a 1957 car, power steering might have been on Bond's list of modifications.

3. Lotus Espirit

One of the most spectacular and memorable scenes from any Bond film is thanks to this white sports car. Capable of being chased across land, air and sea, the Lotus transforms into a mini-submarine to avoid helicopter gunfire from the unsuspecting enemy. But, not giving up, 007 then has to fend off an underwater firefight which is no problem when your Lotus comes equipped with the usual list of gadgetry. One of the 6 prop vehicles used sold last year in the USA for $1m. Tesla's CEO Elon Musk also bought one for a reported $860,000.

2. Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

Usually a tube platform is home to commuters in a rush to grab the next train. Underneath Tower Bridge though, it's a very different story as we discovered in Die Another Day. Bond, gearing up for a confrontation with bad guy Gustav Graves, is handed the keys to one of the most exciting Astons to hit the franchise, the V12. Q aptly nicknames it the 'Vanish' based on its invisibility cloak function, amongst other bells and whistles including an ejector seat, torpedos and shotguns. 

1. Aston Martin DB5

Last but not least is the incredibly beautiful DB5, made in 1963 with its revival in both Casino Royale and Skyfall. Bond wins the car in a Casino game and goes on to use it to drive from London to Scotland, a very enviable journey. Whilst it may not have been the most comfortable car for a 450 odd mile journey, there's always the ejector seat for any complaining passengers.

So, that concludes our Top 5. We're off later this week to see the latest instalment in the franchise and will be sure to report on how the DB10 weighs up, alongside the new Jaguar.

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