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Rolls Royce Phantom Hire Review

If I were king for a day, what would I be driven in or what would I choose to drive, well I can tell you without hesitation and its one of the cars Première Velocity offers for self drive hire which I’ve not seen any other hire company offer – the Rolls Royce Phantom.

Most people would rather be chauffeur driven but believe me this is one fantastic car to drive. Admittedly, it is huge – at nearly 6m in length and 2m in width this car shows size really does matter.

You step into the Rolls Royce hire car and straight away you are taken away by the roominess and lack of noise. I honestly couldn’t tell if the engine is running or not and that is probably down to the double glazed windows. Parking in Central London and the West End isn’t the easiest at the best of times but if you do find a space large enough to accommodate then using all the parking aids and the amazing level of visibility from all the glass on show then it isn’t as hard as you would think.

The Rolls Royce Phantom is moved along by a 6.8 litre V12 which is hardly audible and even on faster stretches of road I find it almost impossible to drive fast as it just doesn’t feel right..... I then decide to let a Première Velocity chauffeur take the piano wood steering wheel and slip into the back alla Simon Cowell.

The car now takes on a whole new meaning, I could be in the front room of Buckingham Palace or the waiting area of one of Mayfair’s finest hotels, and it really is that comfortable. The interior finish is on a whole new level compared even to a Bentley. We drive through Oxford Street down to Marble Arch and along Park Lane, and then we make our way to Bond Street and pull up at one of the boutiques. The doormen of the store can’t wait to see who steps out and I’m sure I see the sales staff lick their lips as I pose to be lucrative customer. But I leave them wondering how today’s sales could have gone and swan out the exit and back into luxury, I could get used to this chauffeuring lark.

So I decide to switch with the driver and take the car controls again making my way down the Edgware Road and then diverting to Islington head long into the traffic which is no problem to deal with in this completely serene environment. The bespoke audio system sound like I’m sitting the Royal Albert Hall which helps the slow progression through the rush hour traffic and for once my level of anger towards congestion subsides to almost nonexistent levels.... I may stay here forever.

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