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Rental Silly Season Is Upon Us

So, as the title suggest, it is fast approaching that time of year in the luxury rental sector, that we affectiontaely call 'silly season'. You would think that hiring a Ferrari or Lamborghini for a day wouldn't exactly be a regular option, let alone for 2,3 or even 4 weeks. But, oh yes it does, and here at Premiere Velocity it is actually a time when everyone is at the peak of their game. From the managment team through to our logistics team, every person seems to be constantly buzzing around, from place to place dealing with paperwork, enquiries, requests and even the odd issue. I can however happily report that none of these are a problem for the PV team, in fact, quite the opposite, we all enjoy it. Our biggest issue usually is running out of stock, and every year it happens. As a customer, it is advisable to book your hire car, wether it's a Supercar or a prestige 4x4, as early as possible, and to book with a reputable company like Premiere Velocity to avoid the various pitfalls and horror stories that unfortunately we hear each year. One of the most common, is people being let down for cars on their wedding day, which i can only imagine would be devastating, and the last thing you need at such a joyous time of your life....but, I can assure you, it happens - a lot.

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