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Range Rover Vogue Hire Review

Many people find the trend in popularity of the 4x4 hard to take. With growing emission problems these cars are looked at as polluters. To me this is far from the truth. Most cars over 10 years old, and there are lots out there, produce far more carbon than a clean diesel or petrol burning engine. Modern 4x4 engines are some of the most advance on the market. Range Rover, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes all have some amazing engines in their range. We decided to see how good these engines were during a weekend hire from Premiere Velocity.
At a very reasonable cost we chose the new 2010 model Range Rover Vogue. We did have a choice of the new Land Rover Discovery with its all new 3.0 TDV6 engine, the BMW X6 3.5Td which as some of you know is an absolute stormer of an engine. Range Rover Sport was a possibility but we couldn’t resist the chance to drive the Vogue with the TDV8 that Top Gear had so much praise for.
The first thing you notice when driving through the suburbs of London is how quiet it was. Most cars would leak noise from other cars but not this Range Rover. Sitting bolt upright cruising through town after town I am massively impressed by the build quality. Everything is solid, even the parts you wouldn’t expect.
Now, boroughs like Surrey, Essex, Bucks, Hertfordshire, would normally have their fair share of Range Rovers but the 2010 model is still very rare and I didn’t spot a single other one, so I felt quite privileged to be driving it.
You would think that central London, Edgware Road, Mayfair and such places would be too noisy and for the Range Rover’s build to resist, but oh no, not this model. It drove almost as if it were driving on air; the suspension is a revelation, and pot holes become bumps and those annoying sleeping policeman become sleeping bags!
Engine wise, Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear weren’t wrong. This has to be the best sounding and performing diesel engine on the market, personally I think the note is better than that of the Supercharged which is another stonker. It returns over 28mpg during our hire period which isn’t to be grumbled at when you consider the weight of this 4x4 that is available to hire from Premiere Velocity.

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