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Range Rover Evoque for hire delivery schedule

Exciting times at the moment with many additions to our fleet in the pipeline. One of which is the upcoming bay Range Rover, the Evoque. The latest info we have from Land Rover UK is that production will begin in spring of 2011 with deliveries in late summer/early autumn.

We have two arriving, both a 3 door and a 5 door version.

We considser the new Range Rover Evoque as one of the prettiest new 4x4's on the market and we  are looking forward to giving you the opportunity to hire one. 

Premiere Velocity will be one of the first companies to offer the opportunity to rent one of these luxury 4x4's so you will have the choice of colour as well as we are ordering one white and one black. Both versions will be fully loaded with all the creature comforts customers expect when they hire a prestige car from us.

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