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Prestige & Supercar Hire App released by Premiere Velocity

Great news people. We are soon to release and incredible new iPhone/iPad app for our Supercar and Prestige car hire services. This app will be a market leader as we try to stay at the forefront of the way customers wish to interact with the product they are interested in. After playing around with some of our peers apps we thought that it was an area that could be improved upon, so we have spent the last two months having the most amazing images of all our Prestige and Supercar rental fleet taken by Rob Pepe, an automotive photography specialist, who has as much a passion for the cars as the pictures he takes, and this shines through in all our new images which will be released on our site along with the App in the App store.

The download of course is free, so even if you are not looking to hire, it is still a fun app to have, even if it's to view some of the most amazing cars in the world!

We are hoping that all these changes will be implemented in a week or so but we will announce to all our customers and via social feed like Twitter, Facebook amd Linkedin.

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