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Prestige Hire from Premiere Velocity

Prestige & Executive Car Hire
Not many companies do Prestige & Executive Hire like Premiere Velocity. The stock they hold is second to none and the fact they are located on the out skirts of London means that they can deliver a car anywhere. Only a short distance to London, the M25 is five minutes away and the M1 only 20 minutes, thus meaning access to the entire UK is a breeze.
When we had the chance to choose some vehicles for our clients it was made difficult by the sheer amount of exclusive models they held. Obviously most people associate prestige hire with Bentley and Rolls Royce but the German companies produce some fantastic executive cars and with some of their design partners such as Brabus and AMG getting involved the results speak for themselves.
On this occasion we chose three vehicles to hire from Premiere Velocity. The Mercedes S Class Brabus, with full panoramic roof, 20” wheels, privacy and a design to die for. The Mercedes CL500 AMG which has one of the smoothest sounding engines I’ve ever heard and a front end like a bull on steroids. And finally the BMW 7 series Sport with its huge design improvement and new LED lights making this model stand out in the crowd.
The clients were very happy with our choices and the fact that all the vehicles were new or near new, so many times we had hired from other companies only to be disappointed when the cars arrived in shabby condition and showing their age, but not these, which must cost an absolute fortune to buy but when you hire, a very reasonable price even for a period of one month.
To sum up, hiring Prestige cars can be a bit of a minefield but not when you use a company like Premiere Velocity.

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