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Premiere Velocity’s Marques to watch in 2014

Life at Premiere Velocity can be hard sometimes.  We have to look after some of the best cars on the road at the moment, we have a garage packed with some of the most exclusive and exciting hire cars you can imagine and we’re always on the lookout for new supercars and prestige cars to add to our fleet.  After all, as the UK’s leading Prestige Car hire and Supercar hire company, its part of what give us our edge.  Every year, we plan out the cars that we would like to bring in to the fleet and the few that we have to let go to new owners and there’s always the odd special edition – like our Lamborghini LP570 Performante to bring in.

We thought that we would share with you a few of the cars that we’re planning to add to the fleet in 2014 as well as some of the things that we’re hearing from the manufacturers themselves.


At Premiere Velocity, we’re big fans of Ferrari and are very eager to add another prancing horse to accompany our Ferrari 458 coupe in the supercar hire fleet. Whether it is another 458 in the form of a Spyder or a California providing more practicality with four seats you will just have to wait for the developments to unfold.


Maserati are a very exciting marque this year as they have unveiled the new model the Ghibli However it is the Quattroporte and the Gran Cabrio that catches our keen eye with both models oozing refinement and have genuine elements of class. We are in the process of looking for a successor to the outgoing current Gran Cabrio to freshen things up, however it can only be one of the two and it will either boost Premiere Velocity’s Luxury car and Prestige car hire sector or our supercar line up an extra boost.


With the launch of the Lamborghini Gallardo’s successor the Huracan it’s not the case of will it be an addition to our Supercar fleet it’s more a matter of when.  With already two Gallardo’s on fleet the supercar hire fleet already – the Gallardo Spyder and the already mentioned Gallardo LP570 Performante the new Lamborghini Huracan will be the cherry on top.


With our extensive range of 4x4’s and Prestige SUV’s, ranging from the BMW X5, X6 to a Porsche Cayenne GTS all the way to the crème de la crème Range Rover Sport Autobiography which we recently added to the fleet, we still feel that we’re missing a very important marque.  Mercedes boasts the very popular G63 which fits in the luxury 4x4 fleet very comfortably.

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