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Premiere Velocity Partner with The Supercar Scene

‘The Supercar Scene partners with Premiere Velocity and SupercarsofLondon to launch SSTV’
Firstly, let me introduce ‘The Supercar Scene’. A new platform for car enthusiasts to watch their favourite cars from the finest videos on Youtube. The website boasts over 400 members, known as ‘Car Paparazzi’. The Supercar Scene also has an in-house team of Youtubers spanning across Europe known as ‘The Supercar Scene Team’. These guys capture all the action through their lens and share it with the world. Supercar Scene shows off the largest media gallery on a slick and interactive website.
The Supercar Scene are a group of innovative car fans and are always looking for new avenues to explore. With Youtube being such a prominent form of social media and exposure, it was inevitable for a collaboration to emerge. The Supercar Scene and SupercarsofLondon came together with the idea of developing a new, realistic and informative TV style show for car fans. This idea was put forward to Premiere Velocity, and after deep discussions and lots of great ideas bouncing around the drawing board, Supercar Scene TV (or SSTV) became a reality.
With access to some of the most desirable cars, thanks to Premiere Velocity, Supercar Scene TV will take usual car reviews, and twist them on their head. For the first time, SSTV will cover every perspective of driving a luxury sports car or supercar. Not only will the driving experienced be rated, but passenger thoughts/ pedestrian opinions and the public reaction will also be ranked. SSTV will provide the viewer with an interactive review of the car, probing the public with questions, opinions and thoughts which can be commented on through Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. We have expert views from (James Downham- Racing Driver, Supercar Driver) and Paul Wallace- A full time Car paparzzi and supercar dreamer. This new TV show is not about how fast cars are around tracks, SSTV will bring the viewer a much more realistic and entertaining test with lots of action, laughs and interesting comments.
This new series is in the early stages of production and all parties are working hard to get the show running throughout the winter months, keeping you glued to the screens whilst the weather turns cold and wet.
Make sure you subscribe to ‘SupercarsofLondon’ Youtube channel, the home of SSTV and make sure you tune in every week to watch your dream cars being driven like no one else.
Where can you check for updates on SSTV and the awesome collaboration between The Supercar Scene and Premiere Velocity?
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