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Premiere Velocity hits 2012

2012 is set to be our biggest year yet with the arrival of some sumptuous new vehicles, including upgrades on some of our old favourites. As 2012 is set to hold some of the biggest events in recent History (Olympics, Euro 2012) it’s only right that we evolve and adapt to the ever changing demands of the Motor Industry. As the company has grown some vehicles have truly stood out in their specific categories. Cars like the extravagant.  LP560 Spyder and the menacing yet understated C63 AMG. Both these cars are soon to be rubbing shoulders with their younger siblings in the shape of a new 2012 LP560 Spyder and the sublime new C6S AMG Coupe. These vehicles will be physically with us and ready to make dreams a reality by beginning of summer 2012. Not only are we set to upgrade vehicles, but we also try our hardest to provide totally new vehicles to whet the appetite of our unique customer base. As many of you will know, the long awaited Mclaren MP4 12-C will be gracing our premises with its racing pedigree and lairy orange paint job by May this year so watch this space. All in all, this year is set to be a real eye opener for anyone looking to hire their dream vehicle. Why not call and reserve your car early and avoid disappointment. Roll on the new year.

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