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Première Velocity Goes Green

What with the current demand on the car industry to go green and the increasing charges held against gas guzzlers, we here at Première Velocity have decided to offer some of the new ‘greener’ engines from the more bespoke manufacturers.

We now have to models of Mercedes for hire, the new shape C class and E class. Both come with the 250 CDi Blue Efficiency engines which have been heralded as a big step forward in larger engines going green.
With all the big cities, London, Manchester, Birmingham etc. trying to contain the carbon emissions by imposing off putting charges on high emission engines, the manufacturers have tried to reduce the impact by producing these greener engines.

Here is an expert from Autocar –

‘What’s it like?
The Mercedes E250 CDI SE Blue Efficiency could never really be described as a performance car. Still, with a 0-62mph time of 7.2sec (auto), it is encouragingly quick off the line and, with a prodigious 368lb ft of torque arriving at just 1600rpm, gathers speed with enthusiasm.

Once the initial rush subsides, the E250 CDI SE Blue Efficiency settles into its stride with a less frantic – but still convincing – degree of shove all the way to the 5000rpm red line.

For all this, the E250 CDI’s best work is done while cruising on part throttle. At a constant 75mph, the E250 CDI is barely pulling 2000rpm in fifth gear. And it does this while returning a claimed 47.1mpg in automatic guise which, in turn, provides it with CO2 emissions of 159g/km.

There is, however, a curious weak point in the E250 CDI’s driveline. Mercedes has decided, presumably for cost reasons, to provide all four-cylinder diesel versions of the new E-class with its old five-speed automatic gearbox.

It is an odd move, given the clear focus placed on fuel economy and emissions with the new car. It ultimately fails to operate in quite the same crisp and intuitive fashion as the more modern seven-speed automatic offered on other E-class models.

The Mercedes E250 CDI SE Blue Efficiency is a big car, weighing all of 1660kg, but it feels much smaller on challenging roads. It is not quite as agile as the smaller and lighter C-class, but there is not much separating them.

The new E-class also boasts enhanced low-speed manoeuvrability. The variable-ratio steering reduces the amount of lock required around town by almost 15 per cent, and the turning circle has been cut by almost 15cm.
But what about the E-class’s legendary ride? A final appraisal will have to wait until we get to drive the new E-class in the UK, but over the Spanish roads we tested it on there was sufficient evidence to suggest the new suspension, with an extra 5mm of spring travel both front and rear, is at least as cosseting as that of the old model.

The truly impressive thing about the new E-class, though, is the way it isolates its occupants from the outside world. Mercedes has worked hard on aerodynamics and insulation. Indeed, with a drag co-efficient of 0.25 and a specially developed film integrated within the windscreen designed to keep wind buffeting to a minimum, it cruises in a serene and unruffled manner.

The mechanical aspects of the E250 CDI SE Blue Efficiency are equally impressive. The engine is barely audible on part-throttle, with typical diesel chatter only evident under hard acceleration.
For those who have spent any time in a recent Mercedes, the dashboard architecture, steering wheel design and general organisation of the secondary controls instantly feel familiar.

Take time to study the individual elements, though, and you discover there is sufficient differentiation to ensure the E-class gets a truly unique interior, even though the materials are not quite to the standard of some rivals.

Access to the rear has been improved by raising the roof line and providing a larger door aperture. The 540-litre boot is also slightly larger than before.
Should I buy one?

It would be difficult not to recommend one. That the new Mercedes E250 CDI SE Blue Efficiency is a tremendously competent car comes as no surprise; for Mercedes to turn out anything less would be a major disappointment.

The true revelation, though, is that it has finally delivered an E-class that is not only fun to drive but also boasts all the apparent solidity you expect of a Mercedes.

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