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Porsche 911 GTS

So for the first time in over 2 months, our 991 GTS is back in the unit. Due to a couple very lengthy back to back hires I haven’t laid eyes on the car for what seems like years!

With this in mind, it seems a shame for such a lovely piece of engineering to be sat wasted in our unit!

For those who aren’t in the know – The GTS joined the PV fleet in May this year. Selected in gorgeous Sapphire Blue metallic, it certainly puts pay to the accusations of understatement hurled at the 911 brand from all directions. Over the last 30 years Porsche have been creating what I would describe as the perfect sports car, freakishly engineering every minute detail to ensure the best overall driving experience.

The GTS has been a mainstay on the Porsche production line since the second generation 997 was issued, and to this day (now in 991 form) the GTS bridges the fine gap between a top spec Carrera S and the weaponised GT3!

Our car replaces our old white 997 GTS Carrera 4, now in coupe and Carrera 2 (rear wheel drive) form, it really is a pure and un-cluttered incarnation. Sporting Porsche’s new excellent twin-clutch PDK gearbox for lightning fast and effortlessly smooth shifts, it works as perfectly in London traffic as it does chewing through the gears on a great B road!

With GT3 springs and dampers, an additional 30 horsepower (up from 400bhp to 430bhp), 2mm wider track and a glorious new titanium exhaust system, the GTS is happily one of the most engaging drivers cars on the PV fleet.

However, away from all the technicality, the GTS really shines in it’s ability to instil instant confidence within any driver who gets behind the wheel. Porsche have not only managed to create an aura of calm within the cabin, but also to combine beautiful and faultless craftsmanship with the true fundaments of ‘fun driving’. This car truly manages to offer the super-car feel without the drawbacks of being 400 meters wide or bereft of any fathomable switchgear! (aka Ferrari/Lambo etc)

On a final a poignant note, the GTS has turned countless clients on our Supercar 6 event days into true Porsche fans. Bearing in mind that our primary target during the Driving Events is to ensure everyone has the most fun possible, the fact that this £100k Porsche 911 (often dubbed the sensible choice) can change opinion and allegiance within even the most devout car fans is praise indeed.

If you'd like to book ahead and reserve this beauty, call us today on 0844 335 6937. 

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