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Out with the old, in with the new (SLS Roadster)

It's always a sad day when we say goodbye to a Supercar here at PV, however, we always find the best remedy is to replace it instantly with something even more mental. So as one of our faithful Lamborghini LP560 Spyder's makes an exit, we say hello to our new Mercedes SLS Roadster. Presented in stunning metallic silver with a red roof and red leather, it's a perfect way to perk us all up for the cold winter months. With a faintly ridiculous 571bhp from its 6.3l V8, it's a true fire breather hitting 62mphin 3.8secs and finding it's way to a mind bending 197mph. Here at Premiere Velocity, we always like to provide exclusivity to our clients, and we haven't fallen short with the SLS roadster. As the only company in the UK with an example on offer, don't hesitate to take advantage and get booked up for next summer. With this AMG hyper-car,alfresco motoring has never been more intoxicating. Available to enjoy within the next 14 days, don't hesitate (if you're brave and love the cold) to call and book some quality time in the fastest naturally aspirated Mercedes convertible of all time. Nervous candidates need not apply!

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