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Our New Guest Blogger

Hello Everyone, My name is Paul Wallace and am 22 years old. All my life I have been car mad and for the past 7 years, have taken it upon myself to see and photograph my dream cars, rather than just satisfied with bedroom wall posters. Discovering the supercar world in London whilst still at school, I begun filming Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s for a personal Youtube channel for my friends to see. 6 years on, I co-run one of the largest ‘supercar paparazzi’ Youtube channels in Europe with a growing fanbase of over 35,000 people. SupercarsofLondon has 600 videos accumulating to just over 56,000,000 individual views.
Whilst studying at University for a Business Management degree, I saw an opportunity to turn my hobby into a business. The Supercar Scene was born based around the growing popularity of the car spotting or carparazzi scene across the globe. The Supercar Scene is a website for all car fans to see and watch their favourite car, chat to fellow car fans but also for automotive industry brands to use the huge social media platform available to target their market. We also sponsor a team of Youtubers and carparazzi to provide them with a supercar platform, engaging a larger audience, aiming to promote young car fans and help them pursue a career within automotive photography. This team is known as ‘The Supercar Scene Team’.
Since completing my degree, I have been able to focus 100% of my attention on The Supercar Scene and have since huge opportunities within the social supercar world. I am continuing to film for SupercarsofLondon and grow my Youtube presence, as well as pursue my dream of running my own company.
My vision for The Supercar Scene is to provide car fans with all things supercar. The thought of seeing people’s dream cars on the road and sharing my videos and photos with the world has always been a dream, and The Supercar Scene hosts the largest platform of supercar videos and is the fastest growing online carparazzi community.

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