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Nissan GTR (Premium 2013) New Additions

The Nissan GTR was certainly a vehicle that took the world by storm when it burst onto the scene back in 2008. With lightning quick pace, a refined cabin and enough technology to make you confused it slowly began to establish itself as a true supercar slayer. However, at PV we only want the best for our clients and unfortunately for the GTR, that Nissan badge held us back slightly. However, with the now imminent arrival of a brand new 2013 spec GTR, our opinion has certainly changed. With revised gearbox settings (shifting faster even than the previous double clutch system) and a monstrous 552bhp power unit (up 65bhp from the original car) this beast from the east hits 62mph in a remarkable 2.8seconds. Presented in (you guessed it) pearl white with polished gunmetal alloys
over bronze callipers its certainly going to be a ‘looker’. The GTR will be available to hire from next Friday (22/03/2013) so don't hesitate to contact us directly to book your spot in one of the fastest cars on fleet!

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