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New Spyker C8 Aileron

The brand new hpercar from Spyker is now available to view on their site and it certainly is a special looking machine.

The model shown on the website is in silver with contrast orange and certainly makes an impact!

Underneath is a mid mounted 4.2L V8 with no less than 40 valves giving an awe inspiring 400 BHP. Top speed is quoted at 187 mph and zero - 60 reached in 4.5 seconds, but it isn't about speed in this car, it's about exclusivity and the fact that there are very few people fortunate enough to own one.

It includes the high spec that you would expect from a car like this such as keless go, high end audio system, ipod connection and quality leather upholstery.

But here is the important part.........keep your eyes posted as we may have some very interesting news about this car and Premiere Velocity........

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