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New Porsche Cayenne Review

Not for the first time, Premiere Velocity were invited to a new car launch by one of the bespoke manufacturers.

The all new Porsche Cayenne was the vehicle in question. The changes are very subtle but this is probably because the Cayenne has a strong following and the phrase 'if it isn't broke' , springs to mind.

Just like the numerous 911 model variations, Porsche only improve on what is needed and in this case that is very little.

The two models on show were the Cayenne S and the Cayenne Turbo, both looked great with a redefined rear end which in my opinion improves the aesthetics of the car. Interior has been improved and brings the Cayenne up to speed with some of it's competitors, namely the Range Rover Sport. Engines have been revised and the S still uses the 4.8 unit with slight improvements on economy and performance.

To be honest, we at Premiere Velocity are most excited about the GTS model when it is released, as the current or outgoing version was a favourite of let's just wait and see.

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