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New Generation Land Rover Discovery

Yesterday Land Rover announced on various media channels that they were to replace the Discovery 4 with a new generation Discovery and here at Premiere Velocity we are very excited. I first came across the news on social media channels and have to say that this new version is a real looker. The Discovery 4 has been one of our most popular rental cars from the 4x4 range and can still be described as a 'prestige hire car'. And there is a reason why it has been a regular choice for so many.....For starters, it drives so well for a 4x4 with a high roofline. Unlike the days of old where high sided SUV models would appear to bend over round bends and in some cases, physically fall over onto their sides. The Discovery 3 improved that issue a lot, but the 4 actually managed to give the driver the confidence that they were driving a 4x4 more like the Range Rover Sport, which of course it shared its engine with, all  be it sounded a lot quieter and more refined than the equivalent Sport version. The Land Rover badge was always a stamp of off road capability, and despite probably 80% of UK Disco's never ever going off tarmac, you always had the confidence when it did decide to snow or you had to get across a ford that the Disco was about the best way to go about it. Then there is the seating arrangement....all 7 of them, and not just square 'areas', actual seats that an adult could sit in, unlike some of the 2+2 GT models that claim to have seats. It is a shame that the 4.4 TDV8 engine never made it into the Discovery (my favorite engine of all time), but I am certain that there will be some new engine specs for the new version, which I am guessing will contain a hybrid version as part of the line up. So as you can see. Not only is the new Discovery going to be a real winner with our luxury hire clients, it will also be one of my personal all round favorites.

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