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My First Supercar: The Finale

Since November, SupercarsofLondon Youtube channel have been filming their latest Youtube webisode series to a host of automotive enthusiasts and followers. My First Supercar was a unique series following SupercarsofLondon filmer Paul Wallace on his journey of finding his dream supercar. As a huge supercar fan, the prospect of owning such a car is exciting, so naturally he decided to document the full journey, and review a complete contrast of cars to make sure he was going to buy the right one.
Over the past 10-15 weeks, Paul has teamed up with Premiere Velocity driver James Downham to review each supercar on a very unique criteria. Making sure all aspects are covered including: Driving experience, passenger experience and third person experience from a pedestrian point of view. This style of review made it easy to distinguish favourite cars, depending on how special they made both James and Paul feel.
Week after week, McLaren's, Ferrari's, Lamborghini's and the odd Porsche were thrown at Paul and James, and each week they produced an excellent Youtube video for the viewer to enjoy. Each week involved an epic tunnel run, a lot of laughs but more importantly, an innovative style of video that has not been seen before. The journey was great, and with one week to go- The Supercar Scene can exclusively blog about the Final episode!
It seems the Germans are in the lead, as Audi and Mercedes take pole position. The Audi R8, a popular car is in the final alongside the C63 AMG. Many may argue the C63 AMG isn't a real supercar, but with 480bhp and potentially 507bhp, this car is seriously quick and has superb performance .Match the performance with the good looks, aggressive sound and luxurious build quality, you're painting a real picture. But up against the R8, the pretty car, sitting low to the ground with a growling V8- this also has it's rightful place in the final.
Paul and James discuss the good and bad points of each car and reminisce on the great times caught on camera. For now, it seems Paul still has not made his mind up, but what we can be certain of is- 1. The car will be German, 2. It's going to be epic and 3. the videos that are on their way to the SupercarsofLondon Youtube channel are seriously insane!


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