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My First Supercar : SSTV & Premiere Velocity

My First Supercar:

I am extremely excited for this blog post. Probably my biggest announcement to date. For those who are familiar with my personal blog; One Side to the Other, you’ll know my dreams of owning a supercar. My dream and ambition is to own a Lamborghini by the age of 25. This has been my dream for 8-10 years now, and up until 2012, I really didn’t know how I was able to achieve it. My primary motivation over the past 3 years was to complete my university degree and then explore the business world and focus on driving towards my goals and ambitions. So here I am, 7 months graduated and blogging about ‘My First Supercar’. How crazy is that!
I don’t plan on buying a supercar in a conventional way. That’s not fun. For many people, it’s a treat to buy such a car, a great moment. For me, this is my dream, and what better way than to share it with the world. I have formulated a plan which will document and follow my journey of buying ‘My First Supercar’. With a huge thanks to Premiere Velocity, I have managed to develop my idea and turn it into a reality. A few months ago I blogged about the Supercar Scene/ SupercarsofLondon and Premiere Velocity’s partnership, and today is the day we launch the beginning of ‘My First Supercar’ Youtube series.
Watch the teaser and subscribe to both Premiere Velocity and SupercarsofLondon on Youtube. Both channels will host the weekly updates and video blogs and you can tune in on a weekly basis to follow my progress towards ‘My First Supercar’.
How will this idea work?
This is a very exciting period in time for both myself, SupercarsofLondon and The Supercar Scene. This is the first project of its kind, and is an innovative way to document such a fantastic and exciting buying process. My First Supercar hopes to create an interactive audience who can join me in my journey and gives viewers an insight into such an experience, one that many people may not get the chance to do, so it’s important I can cover all aspects and get as many people involved as possible. This project is a pure, petrol head project and I hope I can portray both my passion, and the viewer’s opinions and reactions to my journey.
What is Premiere Velocity’s role in my journey? Premiere Velocity are the innovative key to my plan. Usually, the traditional process of buying a car is research, test drive and negotiation. To make my journey as captivating as possible, and also as complete as possible to ensure I end up with the perfect ‘First Supercar’, Premiere Velocity have granted me complete access to their supercar fleet.
So let’s add up all of our ingredients and explain the plan. I have: 20+ supercars and a camera crew in the back of Premiere Velocity’s Land Rover …Each week both myself, and PV’s resident driver James Downham aka Jeremy Clarkson Jr, will take a car one by one for a spin. Discussing how the car drives, makes us feel and most importantly, whether it’s a car I can see myself buying. I will whittle down my search towards the end of the process (but it’s most important to cover all supercars, even if they are out of my budget! Just for the enjoyment for the viewer).
So for the first time ever, I (Paul Wallace) am announcing the start to the FIRST ever documented process of buying ‘My First Supercar’. Follow my journey and subscribe to SupercarsofLondon and Premiere Velocity right here.


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