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My First Supercar- Episode 5, Mercedes C63 AMG : SSTV & Premiere Velocity

We're slowly picking up the rhythm in My First Supercar now. We have reviewed four of Premiere Velocity's most exquisite supercars available to hire. The Ferrari 458, SLS AMG Roadster, McLaren 12c Spider and Nissan GTR. I can realistically say, only 1 of those cars is actually within budget. So why did we test them you may ask? Well the above cars are leaders in the supercar world. I wanted to experience the best of the best, so I can understand what makes supercars so fun. Of course I can talk all day about the looks and sound of cars, which is what I had to go by before Premiere Velocity took this plan on. Filming in London I very rarely got to experience them from a passenger/ driver perspective. It was essential I found out more about the supercar world, through these market leaders so I could get an idea of what I'm really looking for in; My First Supercar....Well that's the excuse I gave, really it was a great way of getting in these incredible machines and showing off their amazingness to the viewers and SupercarsofLondon subscribers!!! What an amazing experience they were too! We made some awesome videos!
But let's get back to business, because this series is super serious...This week on My First Supercar, we reviewed the Mercedes Benz C63 AMG 4- door sedan. Why? Well it has a 6.2 litre V8, sounds amazing and looks like the hulk! Good enough reasons? I think so...I have actually drive a C63 coupe (2-door sportier version) and absolutely loved it. Amazing speed, incredible sound and hugs the road through corners like I had never experienced. So that's the reason I needed this in the My First Supercar experience. I knew what this car was capable of...and I want one. Simple as that. But is it a supercar? Probably not...It looks angry, it sounds angry, and goes like it's angry...but it has 4 seats and sits quite high and just doesn't have that special 'low/ wide' feel to the body. So I jumped in, I already love the car but is it a 'My First Supercar contender'...
Let's get one this straight...from the first metre, this car wants to kill you. It wants to go sideways, it wants to jump into the bush...this car is like a dog on heat! For an unknown reason...the camera missed out about HALF of the video! Which I am extremely annoyed about, but nevertheless, we got some great moments. The C63 is a beast. It is so fast, and like James said 'after 6000rpm, this car kicks up another level'...and it does! It's incredible and a real rival to the F430's and older Gallardo’s. It's that quick. It feels really comfy inside, and there is a lot of room all around, even for passengers in the back! Unlike the Nissan GTR. So it wins in some categories. But they aren't really the categories I want it to be winning.
I can't get over how much I love the AMG. It looks amazing, you sit quite high up (compared to the 458) as you'd imagine...but you still get enjoyment. Mercedes however limit your enjoyment. They have designed this car for lazy, automatic drivers. The gearbox is slow, the interior is lazy and when you decide to go fast...traction kicks in, whatever the weather. As if to say 'do you realise what you're doing?' or 'That's enough fun now, put it back in auto'. And that's what I feel! James doesn't EVEN drive this car in manual sport, and that's saying something! So why did Mercedes put a big 6.2 litre engine in a normal C- class, and then not want people to use it...I have no idea, maybe it's bragging rights. Or maybe this car is for the track/ or long distance driving...Either way and whatever you use this car for, you're going to be basing your route around petrol stations. This car is very thirsty, so even though this car may be cheap(ish) at £25,000-£40,'re going to be spending a lot more in the petrol station!
I don't get the C63. I love the car, I love everything about it. But then I don't understand certain aspects of it. Would I buy one? 100%. But My First Supercar is going to be the only car on the drive for me...I can't afford to have 2 cars just yet...But if I could, I'd no doubt run a C63 AMG alongside my supercar. Although I won't finish there...this first car is a stepping stone. And even if this car has a 6.2 litre could be a beginner 'super' sports car! Who knows...You've read it all through this blog, I love this car and would buy one...But let's bring on the following reviews to find out what else is in the running!
QUICK NOTE: It's Christmas time now! And that means, not only have we got a review (coming first Saturday of January), but on Christmas EVE...SupercarsofLondon and Premiere Velocity have created a special 'Best Bit's holiday special from the current series of My First Supercar. What to expect? A few outtakes, funny moments, hilarious acceleration reactions and a lot of memorable moments! I have created this video as a bit of fun with a little message from me as well...So make sure you tune in/ SUBSCRIBE and be on your computer on Christmas Eve! You'll also find out at the end of the special video what we are kicking off 2014 with;) You won't be expecting it!
Merry Christmas Everybody! And have a Happy New Year. Happy Holidays to everyone. Thank you for watching/ commenting and sharing the supercar love! 2014 will not disappoint!


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