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My First Supercar- Episode 7, Lamborghini LP560 Spyder : SSTV & Premiere Velocity

So, where do I start this week. I'm pretty sure I can vouch for the majority of #MyFirstSupercar viewers when I say 'I'm pretty excited for this week'. James and I call this week 'Chapter 1'. Why? Premiere Velocity own 2 Lamborghini's. And Chapter one tests the first of the 2. The LP560-4 Spyder. Lamborghini is known for being a super desirable car manufacturer, and each car they build, the model lives up to everyone's expectations of being a loud, lunatic for the road. Lamborghini are my favourite cars. The sound, the looks and the whole ego of the cars really appeals to me. I think it's because I'm a bit crazy too, that the Lambo matches so well with my personality. I have had some great experiences in many Lamborghini's, but never reviewed one in front of the camera. It was an exciting prospect to get into Premiere Velocity's Lambo, and take it for a proper spin.
I'll begin with my recent findings through My First Supercar. As the cars currently tested have been the 458, SLS, GTR's and McLaren's along with the Porsche. My judgement of these cars prior to the reviews was very much based on my 3rd person opinion. Seeing them in London and at car events. Hence why the 458 seemed common, not great sounding. The SLS seemed like any other AMG, the McLaren was boring and the Porsche Boxster was just like any old Porsche. But as soon as I finished testing them, I found a new respect for the cars. Spending time in each car and learning it's character and gaining the 1st person perspective. The 458 is now an incredible car, probably the most fun supercar. The SLS is seriously powerful, as quick, if not quicker than the 458. The Porsche was voted 'What Car of the Year 2013', and i'd agree. So much fun and manageable. The GTR is just an animal, and the C63 is a beautiful, luxury powerhouse. I learnt a new perspective. But even having to learn a new perspective of the cars, shows they are 'misunderstood'. Lamborghini's for me have always been loud, fast, crazy and jaw dropping. After the test, I could only conclude the same. Lamborghini out of all the cars so far tested have been exactly how I imagined. That's why I love them so much.
The 560's exhaust is always prominent. Even with the valves closed, they want to be open, at low speed, you know it wants to go fast. It's like a puppy waiting to be let off the leash before It can run every squirrel up the tree. The Lambo is a juvenile animal. One that needs to play all the time. Open the taps and you get exactly that. A playful rear (even on 4 wheel drive) and a powerful kick up the backside. What's more, stick it in Corsa mode and you get your neck snapped in half at the same time. MY SORT OF FUN!
The looks of the car are faultless, the interior design and practicality? Again faultless...The drive and fun factor. Incomparable to any other car tested. The Lambo is by far my favourite car to be tested. Of course it may not be the fastest, or have the most technology. I know where those cars lie. The McLaren and GTR cover speed, performance and technology the best. But those boxes are ticked way down my checklist when it comes to My First Supercar. The main boxes that I need ticked are: SOUND, LOOKS, and LUNACY...All being ticked, crossed and scribbled on by the memorable Gallardo....
Roll on next week and Premiere Velocity's latest addition to the fleet...Their 2013 Aston Martin DB9 Volante. A tough act to follow with the Lambo, but their is never a bad time to introduce #MyFirstV12.


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