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My First Supercar- Episode 9, Audi R8 Spyder : SSTV & Premiere Velocity

Although there have been a few delays running on the SupercarsofLondon Youtube, My First Supercar continues this week on a Sunday! As usual, we team up with Prestige & Supercar hire company Premiere Velocity. We like to think of it as being a bit like a Top Gear 'replacement on Youtube. So we are at least week 7 or 8 now, and I have a great perspective of what I am looking for in a car. I want my car to look good, sound good, be a comfortable and reliable car but have that wow factor and sense of occasion when I'm driving it. The Lamborghini hits a lot of spots in the right places, but the LP560 might be out of my price range for now...the older Gallardo's are known to be unreliable and prone to expensive service bills. The one car I was looking forward to getting in and reviewing was Premiere Velocity's Audi R8 V8 Spyder. It has everything you need in a rental supercar. The looks, the wow factor and definitely has the sound. The R8 is a beautiful and modern car. The looks will never go out of date, and the interior is stylish and functional. The Audi German precision is present throughout the car; from the engine build and engineering, to the technology and driving experience. What i'd say the R8 does lack is the 2014 'performance'. The supercar hire game has moved forward since 2007, when the R8 was first launched, and although they have bought the facelift 2013 version out, i'd still look at the pre 2013 models. The price drop is seriously tempting and to think that an R8 is even an option gets my mouth let's find out a little bit more about the ride. The sound inside is epic and is intoxicating. You can listen to the V8 all day long and it is so 'revvy' and keeps on going, you can drive for hours on end on not get bored of the rumble. What's more, the performance is surprisingly impressive! When we reviewed the Nissan GTR, the Premiere Velocity team said the performance was amazing, and when I experienced the GTR's power...I feel the experience was 'over-hyped'. I wasn't too impressed. Of course it was quick, but the sense of occasion was non existent. The R8 however, I wasn't expecting it to be as quick and powerful as it was, and it out shone my expectations! Maybe my prejudgement of the cars meant my opinions would result in the R8 winning in terms of 'specialness, but the Audi definitely ticked a lot of boxes. The tunnel run was epic, the sound was enhanced and we got to use the tiny mechanical rear view mirror that could be lowered...Giving you the effect the roof was down, even though it was pouring it with rain! Again, another plus to the R8. The weather was awful as you can imagine for January, yet the R8 was capable and fun (thanks to the Quattro system). Audi have just nailed the 'supercar' persona with the R8. It's a real dream machine. An iconic landmark in the Audi history. Having experienced the Premiere Velocity R8, it's going to be a really tough car to beat in my pursuit for My First Supercar. What's more to say! The R8 is winning so far...and we aren't far away from the deadline day! So watch this space. Who thinks the R8 is the car for me? Let me know!


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