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My First Supercar- Episode 8, Aston Martin DB9 Volante : SSTV & Premiere Velocity

It took me a few days to catch my breath after the epic V10 review of Premiere Velocity's 2012 Lamborghini LP560-4 Spyder, and within 48 hours, I was back again filming their latest addition to their fleet. Their new cherished baby. But this car is certainly not a baby...the Aston Martin DB9 was born in 2004, off the back of the successful Vanquish. The DB7 successor represented everything Aston Martin. Class, elegance and pedigree. The DB9 has had a similar shelf life to the Lamborghini Gallardo we tested last week, slowly becoming slower than it's rivals, more out-dated. Premiere Velocity even had a 'pre 2013' facelift model which was incredibly popular, but still looked quite old. This 2013 version though, had styling from the latest 2013 Vanquish, rear lights from the angry DBS and had 510bhp! Nearly 90 more than the old one! This, was a test I couldn't wait to get involved in.
My experiences with Aston Martin have varied over my time of filming supercars. Of course, London is home to 700,000,000 Aston Martins and they are a common site. Black, silver, grey and the occasional British Racing Green. They appear all at once, usually around 5pm (when the office shuts) and commute back home. The life of an Aston Martin seems to be similar to the Porsches...Never used 'properly' and more used as a commute, a very special commute. My favourite Aston Martin I have ever seen is the bright blue with yellow lunatic interior DBS, featuring a beautiful Quicksilver exhaust soundtrack. It was wild, wacky and fun...but still kept the elegance and class of the AM that is so necessary. My in-car experiences were not so enjoyable. I had once been in a DBS, the V12 felt lazy, slow and heavy...I even said AM's shouldn't have gears. Beautiful to look at, and beautiful to hear at Idle and the occasional rev...but then should be switched off again. So let's get into the latest DB9 and see if my views have changed.
Firstly, this specific model is the DB9 Volante, the convertible...So I automatically dislike it. I like coupes that keep their lines throughout the shape. But Premiere Velocity have a client base who love convertibles so I can't fault their choice. The interior is incredible, so well put together and the finish is exquisite. A lot of beautifully stitched leather and piping to match the exterior brake callipers. The initial sound of the engine as well is beautiful. Stock exhaust system with butterfly valves, you cannot go wrong. Even though James drove this car in sport, the gear changes were slow, the accelerations felt 'wrong' and the ride was super comfy. This couldn't be more different to the Lambo if it tried! I'm not faulting the Aston, as it's luxury and elegance are what the car is designed for, but the aura of the AM is not what I'm looking for in my wacky supercar journey. I want the car to beat me up, rip my head off and scream as it's banging through the gears.
The Aston is no doubt, a refined Grand Tourer. The best in it's class. If I wanted a car that was comfy, reliable, beautiful that I could use every day? There is no other option than a V12 Aston. But I'm not after that...I'm after something small, fun and good-looking. Something that'll get my foot on the supercar ladder. I can't jump into a V12 Lambo, or a 458 Italia because where do I advance from there? I'm still quite young and throughout my life i'd love to upgrade my supercar continuously...So although the DB9 is not right for me now, Premiere Velocity are currently waiting delivery of their BRAND NEW Aston Martin V8 Vantage S! Now I know what to expect from the AM brand in terms of luxury and pedigree, but the V8 is known to be a more drivers that is one test I cannot wait to do!
Stay tuned and check out this weeks video of the DB9! This weekend I turn 23 years old, and for those who know my short term ambitions, that gives me 2 years to buy a Lamborghini! So the race is on! Time vs erm...Work! Make sure you keep your eyes pealed for the My First Supercar highlights on Premiere Velocity's own Youtube channel! Link right here.


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