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My First Supercar- Episode 3, Nissan GTR : SSTV & Premiere Velocity

We are now in full swing here at The Supercar Scene with My First Supercar. Having launched the new series with 2 of the most desirable supercars, we are now stripping back the fancy colours, exhaust tones and hefty price tags and looking at a budget thing we are not stripping back on is speed and out and out performance. This week we review one of the most talked about performance car within the automotive world, a car that has won many awards including 'Supercar of the Year' from Top Gear. This week on My First Supercar we review a 2013 Nissan GTR Premium Edition courtesy of Premiere Velocity. Before we delve into the numbers and experience, I firstly want to touch on my initial thoughts of the GTR. Does it look jaw-droppingly awesome? Unsure. Does it scream supercar through it's exhaust? No. Bearing in mind looks and noise are my main 2 areas I have to cover when buying My First Supercar, I was unsure this car was going to impress me. Sure I had read figures and reviews of this car, and watched videos over and over again of tuned 1000bhp GTR's tearing apart 458 Italia's and Lamborghini's...But was it a car I wanted to own? No. But the further we go into this blog...the more impossible it is to ignore the performance figures, and I can assure can only really judge this car once you have experienced it from the inside, rather than just the outside.
I am learning fast during this exciting process. From the statement above, I used to heavily judge my opinion of cars on their appearance and exhaust note...and to an extent, I still do. Because that's what I love about supercars. The performance and speed is just a bonus. I assume I used these judgemental techniques because I never was in the position to actually own one, and now I am, I have discovered a new category within my supercar hunt, and that is 'driving experience'. My previous experience of riding in expensive supercars was fairly limited, usually to the odd all I ever knew was neck shredding gear changes and rollercoaster accelerations. Now being able to compare Lamborghini to Ferrari, and Ferrari to Mercedes and so on, I have forged a whole new level of respect for the technology behind the performance of these cars. The fine tuning engine set ups, and the management systems keeping these cars usable everyday! And the Nissan GTR, is certainly an achievement for Nissan, and the supercar world based on technology.
The Nissan, as you can imagine rides quite high, you don't feel close to the road, you don't feel like you're in a supercar. For all you know, you could be in a Ford Focus. It's very spacious, lots of leg room (for the driver and passenger alongside, not so much for the unlucky back seat passengers)...and looking around the cabin, the whole design is very sporadic. In my opinion, a supercar needs to be inches from the ground, and connected to the road. In the back of my head though was '£35,000'...the price of some of these cars on the market today. I could not ignore the price! Was the ride heigh something I could compromise on when buying a supercar.
James (Premiere Velocity's Resident Driver) loves the GTR, and has even owned one...He can't praise them enough. The first few accelerations his quotes were 'this isn't even trying' and 'this isn't breaking a sweat'. For me, the GTR was uneventful to begin with. Yes the car is fast, and pins you to a seat, but that is what all supercars should do. I didn't particularly have a smile on my face, nor did I feel like 'this was the car for me' but the more we drove, and the more frequent the accelerations, the more I understood the GTR. The tunnel run was interesting, we had a lot of turbo wooosh and a lot of speed, but no real smile. This car is built for speed, but not for supercar status...It's built to beat supercars, not look like one. The GTR is difficult to categorise. Where does it fit amongst my bid to find my dream supercar? The GTR has the power, and it would cost me a quarter of a 458 Italia and yet would rival the Bugatti Veyron off the line...these sorts of comparisons are impossible to ignore. £35,000!!!
Where do I lie with the GTR? It's difficult to put into words. It is an incredibly impressive car. The final verdict can't be fully seen in the Youtube video, so I'll try and give it now: Would I feel special driving the Nissan GTR? No. Would I feel special in any other supercar pulling up to the lights next to a GTR? No again...This car confuses me, one day I want one, the next I don't. One day I want the speed and the thrill of these beast, the next day I'd prefer a little less power but have a sexier looking car...Whatever the outcome of My First Supercar, the GTR will be critically considered as an option. Who doesn't want to look smug at traffic lights knowing only a handful of cars could beat you to the next set.


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