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My First Supercar- Episode 4, McLaren MP4 Spider: SSTV & Premiere Velocity

What a week we have had! A great response from the Nissan GTR video, and let's just recap on some of the great moments from that episode. The GTR can cost as little as £35,000 for the performance rivalling the previous My First Supercar reviews; Premiere Velocity's Ferrari 458 Italia and Mercedes SLS AMG...That's a hell of a lot of power for pounds! Both myself and Premiere Velocity's drive James, loved the power of the GTR, but did it provide us with a sense of occasion? Not in the tunnel it didn't...but we had some fantastic comments, a lot of GTR fans out there that's for sure! The GTR is built for one purpose and one purpose only...speed and lap times. So what better way to carry on with My First Supercar, than testing Premiere Velocity's latest addition to the supercar fleet...a British car, a car built for speed, lap times and arguably perfection. It's rivals? The Ferrari 458's purpose? To beat it. The McLaren MP4-12C spider, a £200,000 British bullet. It's time we tested Premiere Velocity's pride and joy, and explored further into the world of supercars.
The McLaren MP4 was created to strive for perfection. From it's birth in 2011, the early cars were not so precise, with many recalls, software updates, power upgrades the McLaren is definitely known to be a working progress. But Premiere Velocity's 2013 spider, with all the bells and whistles, including a rumbling sports exhaust is arguably the closest thing to the finished article. I wanted to jump in this car and experience 'perfection'. That way I could understand the supercar world, and continue to review and compare cars alongside the McLaren, Ferrari, SLS and GTR.
First things first, it's important to factor in my initial opinion of the car, from a supercar spotting perspective...seeing them in London. Do they make my blood pump faster? no. Do they make my jaw hit the floor when I see one? no. Do they make my ears prick up when I can hear one coming? Certainly not..(mainly due to the fact they don't make too much noise). So it's fair to say my opinions of the car aren't high. It looks O.K, it sounds poor (for a supercar)..and those were my initial priorities. So let's jump in and find out a bit more about the 12c's experience. McLaren have to be doing something right for them to be selling so well! The car is super low to the ground, feels expensive, feels fast and the interior is covered in Alcantara (Fake Suede). My ultimate interior! The centre console is futuristic, the steering wheel and dials look amazing and the doors are...incredible. I love the gullwing doors and I think this feature defines the car. I'm impressed with the interior, and as we pick up the miles, and lose the petrol, I'm beginning to get used to the car. It's comfy, it sounds OK and doesn't make too much fuss. We shift through the gears a couple of times and fuss. This car seems to shrug everything off. Every turn is easy, every acceleration is simple. This car isn't even trying. Compared to the GTR, this car is miles ahead. The GTR works every muscle in it's engine, every ligament in it's chassis to hit the speeds. I found myself comparing the 12c to the GTR a lot, purely because of the speed and performance. But the McLaren was light years ahead in it's attitude, technology and ability. We sat low to the ground, we hugged the road, we owned the road.
Let's touch upon probably the most confusing, and probably the funniest part of the drive...The headaches. I don't know why, don't ask me how. Full throttle in the McLaren gave me a headache. The pain surged through my head as we hit the high revs. Whether it was the droney sports exhaust, or the vicious accelerations, or even a combination of the two...I couldn't control it, and I didn't like it. There is no denying McLaren have built a faster car than Ferrari. But is it better? A supercar needs to put a smile on your face, it needs to play with your emotions. I dream of owning a supercar that every time I see it, my jaw hits the floor, every time I hear it...I want more and more and louder and louder...and every time I put my foot down, I am smiling from ear to ear. Does the McLaren do that? For some people it ticks all the right boxes. The doors, the speed and the technology. Those 3 things are it's strongest attributes. Are they the 3 main attributes I'm looking for? No. This car divides automotive fans, and probes new opinions, and opens new doors and avenues for car fans to explore. The McLaren is a masterpiece within it's own category. It is sensible, yet ludicrous. It sings and at the same time shouts. It compliments your driving, while ripping your head off. McLaren have indeed made the perfect car. But because they have created the perfect car, it loses something. There is no 'unknown' about this car. It's character is easy to find and master. There is no passion or wackiness about the 12c. It is the master. And I respect it for it's existence.
The only way I can sum up and round this blog up, is to compare the McLaren 12c spider to the strictest headmaster of your school. It has all the power in the world, but breaks no rules. It created the rules. And obeys them with the greatest loyalty. You wouldn't see it with his shirt untucked, his tie loosened knocking back shots of tequila...He is in the office, working hard trying to tame his pupils. The Nissan GTR; the young trouble...and the Ferrari 458; the passionate student exchange, or the Mercedes SLS AMG; the gym junkie who wants to bench press all other cars at the same time. My First Supercar is becoming a deep, eye opening journey. We are only in week 4. Premiere Velocity have a whole fleet of high performance sports cars ready to be tested and reviewed (click the link)... So what's next. We have looked at 4 of the most iconic supercars of this new generation, and we haven't even begun to consider angry bulls...So make sure you watch the video, like, comment and subscribe! And join our journey towards finding 'My First Supercar'.


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