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My First Supercar- Episode 2, Mercedes SLS AMG : SSTV & Premiere Velocity

'It's that time of the week again, Saturday around Midday my new series goes live on my dedicated Supercar Youtube channel 'SupercarsofLondon'. Last week we kicked the series off with the Ferrari 458 Italia. Arguable the greatest car that has ever been produced, and the comments were great! A lot of Lambo fans and Ferrari fans giving opinions on the car and on my review, so i'm excited to discover people's reaction to this weeks My First Supercar review. We hit Premiere Velocity on a chilly Tuesday morning and picked out the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster. I had never experienced the SLS from 'on-board' but had seen many in London. I am not a huge fan of the looks of the car, so I needed to find out why I was seeing so many driving through the streets of London!
Not only had I never experienced an SLS AMG from inside, I had only ever experienced one AMG before, and that was driving a brand new C63 AMG, so I had some comparison, but after the drive...the C63 and SLS are not what I thought...I assumed as they both had 6.2 AMG engines, that they would be the same. Boy was I wrong! Quickly, I want to give you a run down on my C63 AMG thoughts so you can get an idea of how shocked I was of the SLS...I was lucky enough to drive a 2013 C63 AMG at Mercedes Benz world through their private test track. I experienced all the gearbox modes which were impressive, and got to push the car to a fairly good limit...The speed was phenomenal and the comfort and way it whizzed through the corners was a great experience. I came out of the car needing one in my life, and at the time I really thought I was going to buy one. BUT The C63 AMG comes later on in my journey of My First Supercar, this week it's all about the SLS AMG...what I thought to be a low slung version of the C63 AMG.
At first impressions the interior reminded me of Mercedes, no real passion, a lot of leather and a comfortable place to sit. There were no supercar signs that this car could tear your head off, and no real 'jaw dropping' designs that I want from my car...I felt underwhelmed, and I was immediately hesitant into why people buy this £150,000+ supercar! But it was time to get the keys and try and find that reason...
My mind changed within the first 2 minutes of the ride. I think James sensed my lack of enjoyment of the car as we drove out of Premiere Velocity's he turned the 'AMG Factor' up a notch and we banged through 2nd and 3rd gear at around 75% throttle. Was I expecting to be pinned back in an AMG like that? Not at all!!! The car is SERIOUSLY QUICK! And what's more, the gearbox is so slick and quick that I didn't even feel the gearbox! I couldn't believe the pace of the car...It was that first acceleration that I realised this is NOT a normal AMG, and I was quick to turn my opinion around and fall in love with so many aspects of the car.
One of my favourite characteristics of the car is of course the sound...In London hearing them trickle past at idle (usually due to the age of the average SLS owner), I had never experienced the car going fully up the gears, but also back down the revs on deceleration! And let me tell you... the amazing crackle and pop from the exhausts are just epic. The sounds from the exhaust are just not picked up enough on our little go pro, and it's a shame, because that is one of the best bits of the SLS AMG's personality! One of the negatives i'll quickly touch upon without dampening the mood, is the roadster version doesn't have the legendary Mercedes gullwing doors! But that's the only real negative I can currently think of watching back on the video.
So i'll try to sum up what I thought of the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster. Yes, it's a great car, a very impressive car produced by the Germans. It does everything a supercar should: Make you smile, tear your face off and sound great! But there was something missing, I think it was the badge. I think it was my conscience telling me this is just a Mercedes...It doesn't have the look appeal driving through London. Although you can make them more eye catching e.g. FAB Design, but the stock Mercedes doesn't do it for me. No flair. That is my final say. It does everything properly but just doesn't have the exterior flair that is needed in supercars. Maybe that is my opinion, I know there are a lot of SLS fans out there but it is an expensive car, and if it doesn't tick ALL of the boxes, then it's a no from me!'



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