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My First Supercar- Episode 11, Luxury & Prestige Performace Hire Cars : SSTV & Premiere Velocity

This week on My First Supercar we took a different approach to the videos for one main reason: The U.K's weather has been appalling! The wind and the rain hasn't stopped and flood warnings have covered the majority of Britain's weather maps. Luckily this week we chose a pretty quite hour to take one of Premiere Velocity's prestige hire cars out for a drive...but like I said, this week was a bit different. Rather than taking out a supercar and giving it the standard review, I thought this week would act as an interesting 'intermission' week to answer a few questions surrounding My First Supercar. But instead of doing a standard Q + A style video, I decided to take one of Premiere Velocity's luxury rental vehicles out for a drive, and answer a few questions in the comfort of leather interior, heated seats and a hell of a lot of other gadgets. For this week on My First Supercar, both James and I took out the Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG. An absolute beast! Mercedes are great at confusing us with the engine sizes, as I was caught out on the 6.2 litre engine fitted to the C63 AMG (And SLS AMG), this Merc has a 5.5 litre Twin Trubo V8!!! Where does the '63' bit come from?
Anyway, we took the Merc out for a drive to answer some questions in the warm and dry, but of course in style and speed...First things first we took it to the tunnel, what My First Supercar episode wouldn't be complete without a tunnel ride! The V8 sounded great and I thought I came up with a pretty good description; a mean powerhouse! We had a great drive as you can imagine. It was comfy, quick and full of gadgets...But this week was all about explaining a bit more of My First Supercar. So let's get straight to it.
The main section of the video covers 'what's next' for My First Supercar. We have pretty much covered all the supercars available through Premiere Velocity. From the Nissan GTR, to the McLaren 12c Spider. 458 Italia's, Lamborghini's, AMG Mercedes and more! Even a Porsche Boxster S! I have learnt a lot about supercars, more than I thought I would. My initial 3rd person opinions definitely changed with some cars, and enhanced my love for others. The Boxster was epic, the Lambo's were brilliant and the McLaren just wasn't as enjoyable as I was expecting! But I have had some amazing experiences so far and the journey is about to get a whole lot better.
As of next week, My First Supercar will be hosting 'Semi Finals', featuring 4 of both mine and James's favourit cars (we are pretty much on the same wavelength when it comes to cars) which we will test back to back to refresh our memories, and compare directly. We're pairing up the Nissan GTR with the C63 AMG. Why? They're both the same sort of size and design (more of a sports saloon look), but both with bags of power. The Mercedes has incredible qualities, and is definitely the viewers choice with over 65,000 views. The GTR? That has outstanding performance and is a really contender to being on of the fastest cars on Premiere Velocity's fleet.
Next in the other semi final is the Gallardo, not the LP560 (too expensive), but the older Mark1 Gallardo's...The sound better, look incredible and are a Lamborghini! You can't beat a Lamborghini. But the older they get the less reliable they are which is a realistic factor in My First Supercar. The next car to rival the Lamborghini is the Audi R8! Why? Everyone loves the R8. The look incredible, will never go out of date, never miss a beat and sound incredible. With the help of aftermarket exhausts too, they can sound just as good as they look.
So there we have it, the final 4 cars that are going to be taken into consideration for My First Supercar. I'm super excited! With the next 3 weeks taken up, it's safe to say we are in the last month of My First Supercar. It's starting to get exciting! Roll on next week!!!!


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