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My First Supercar- Episode 10, Lamborghini LP570 Performante Spyder : SSTV & Premiere Velocity

What do you get when you cross a mental Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder, take away it's 'fat', squeeze even more power out of it, paint it bright red and cover the interior with alcantara and carbon fibre. Yup you guessed it, you get Premiere Velocity's Lamborghini LP570-4 Performante Edizione Tecnica. One of 5 driving around on UK roads and only 50 in the world, which makes it even more amazing that you can hire this supercar.

A very rare car to commemorate 50 years of Lamborghini. This car is seriously intimating to sit in- you know you're in for a hard and fast ride. For the majority of this blog, I’ll be comparing the bright red Lamborghini to its older, and fatter sibling; the white Lamborghini LP560-4 spyder (both owned by Premiere Velocity).
First impressions of the car from opening the door, is initially 'how light the door is!’ Once you're sitting in the car, you really notice how much weight has been saved compared to the LP560. First of all you're sitting on the floor...Why? No electric seats and no spongy, comfy leather seats. You're basically sitting on the comfiest bucket (which really isn't comfy) and a thin sheet of alcantara (fake suede). The interior is covered in alcantara, looks fantastic but if you have OCD and brush your hand accidently the wrong way, you'll be forever stroking the dashboard to correct the flow of the material.
Let's get straight into the drive. The interior is a great place to sit and once you're moving you really don't feel how uncomfortable the seats or the ride is. To be honest, the car felt very similar to the LP560. The added extras of the red paint, carbon extended wing mirrors, and wing on the back as you look in the rear mirror. All of the views are brilliant in this car! I love every single angle of the car and it makes you feel how a Lambo should make you feel. The car seems to have a louder exhaust note too; it crackles on up shift and has an extended rev range for the downshifts. The Performante lives up to the expectation and is a seriously enjoyable car.
The Lambo covers ground so quickly! That is the most noticeable difference about this car compared to the LP560. It eats up the tarmac, and screams at you even more whilst you do it. This is my sort of car. I was enjoying myself so much; both James and I decided to put the roof down for a tunnel run. Throughout the whole experience of My First Supercar, we had never driven one of Premiere Velocity's cars with the roof down. After the Aston Martin DB9 Volante episode, we had some comments to put the roof down so what better car to start with 'tunnel bombs' with the roof down than the Performante. The acoustics of the V10 bouncing off the walls of the Hatfield Tunnel where incredible! The sound was emphasised times 100! The camera even did a good job of picking the sound up, so the YouTube viewers can experience the sound as well. A brilliant, brilliant day.
Now let's get the most gutting bit out of the way before I sum up...This car is way out of my budget for My First Supercar. £200,000 is probably more like my second or third supercar, but it's definitely a supercar I want to own. It was so much fun! The looks of the car are incredible; the interior isn't an issue because you're never concentrating on how uncomfortable the car is. All you're worried about is the sound of the V10, the way in which the V10 powers the car forward. The next step for me is to experience the Performante is from a driver’s seat. It'll sure scare the hell out of me but that's the adrenaline this Lambo provides. When you're a true petrol head...nothing scares you, even if it looks like Satan’s daily car!

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