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My First Supercar- Episode 1, Ferrari 458 Italia : SSTV & Premiere Velocity

Last week you watched the teaser/ trailer to My First Supercar. A new concept, following my journey of buying a first supercar. An extremely exciting prospect, but one I want to share with every other car fan possible. A journey that everyone can join me on. I am so thankful for all the views, comments and support that has been shown since the first trailer went live...and today, I have released the FIRST episode of My First Supercar featuring Premiere Velocity's bright yellow Ferrari 458 Italia. This blog is going to explain a little bit about the video, the review and why we started with the Ferrari.
A lot of people have asked me about my budget for 'My First Supercar', and of course it is an important element of the process. I think it is more important to find the right car. Of course the 458 Italia would be a dream car to own, but I think there are steps to such a car, I don't think I would jump straight to the 458 (arguably the best car in the what can you upgrade to?) I want to find an awesome introductory supercar, leaving space for upgrades in the future. For Example...Start on a V8, more to a V10 before the V12 (Just an example;). So why did I start with the 458 Italia? If you're a car fan, you'll know the presence this car has on the supercar market. I wanted to find out what the 'crack' was on the car, why it's known to be the best car in the world, so we decided to start on the 458 to set the benchmark for all other cars to compare to.
I hope the viewers enjoy the video, as it was a big project to edit, and each week I will be filtering around 2 hours worth of footage down into a 10 minute review for you all to enjoy. It's a long process and I hope my editorial skills are good enough to create such a complex style of video, I am much more comfortable editing London videos into a little compilation video! But it's a challenge, and that is what I thrive off...Hence why I started 'My First Supercar'. I come from a very normal background, my mother drives a 2004 Ford Focus and I drive a 2007 Vauxhall Astra. So please do not assume I am super rich...I am a normal 22 year old who has worked extremely hard and have a serious passion and motivation to reach my goals of owning a supercar.
I hope the video shows a little bit more about my personality and my love for cars, as James (Premiere Velocity's driver) drives me for an epic spin in the Ferrari 458! So the main aim of the video is for me to get an idea on what the Ferrari offers. You'll see a lot of laughs and a lot of fun as we experience the Ferrari to the full. The highlight of the videa is when James causally shouts 'Good God'! In which entices me to give him a little bit of banter in front of the which he lets the Ferrari do the talking.
So thank you for reading the blog! Make sure you watch the full video below, as there are a lot of great moments and a lot of epic shots of the Ferrari! For all supercar fans and Ferrari fans, this episode is one you don't want to miss! Stay tuned for next week too as we move onto the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster! Get commenting, sharing your opinions! I will reply to all comments:) 


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