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Mercedes SLS v Ferrari 458 Italia Supercar Stand Off

The three pronged star and the prancing horse have arguably been the most recognisable symbols in the motoring world.

With an immense record of racing pedigree and a huge list of incredible cars, Mercedes and Ferrari are arguably the most desirable cars on the whole planet. However, it’s only really in F1 that we have seen these two motoring giants battle it out.

Mercedes have spent a lot of time perfecting the art of luxury, whilst Ferrari has been constantly testing the boundaries of producing the world’s greatest supercar. Cars like the recent SL and SLK AMG were never really cars to compare to the likes of Ferrari’s F430 or 599GTB. The SLR project was an 'on paper' rival to cars like the mighty Enzo and Porsche’s Carrera GT, but it has to be said, Mercedes haven't really specifically produced a real Ferrari rival for years, despite their huge history.

However, the winds of change are now upon us. The Mercedes SLS super car with its vast and newly developed V8 6.3 has been pitched entirely into the super car fray. Mercedes are taking on the knife edge engineering of theFerrari 458. For the first time in years Ferrari and Mercedes are at loggerheads, reminding car fans everywhere of the historic battle that has reigned from the early 1950's. Both the 458 and the SLS have close to 600bhp which scarily enough isn't the smallest engine either company makes. Years ago, being able to experience the latest super car offerings from Ferrari and Mercedes was something left to the racing drivers. However, much like the re-incarnation of the Merc vs. Ferrari battle, Premiere Velocity now offer a chance for members of the public to try not one, but both of these stunning new supercars. With the arrival of the 458 Italia in the early summer of 2011, the Premiere Velocity fleet  will be able to provide total access to almost anyone brave enough to take charge of the two hottest supercars of the moment.

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