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Mercedes SLS Hire available from December

Fantastic news, the uber exclusive Mercedes SLS will be here and ready to hire from the begining of December 2010.

We continue to strive to give you the opportunity to drive the most exciting cars in the world and we are about to bring you another exclusive.

The initails impression the car has on you is wow. The gull wing doors give this car what made the original such a hit.

The engine itself is a development of the familiar 6.2-litre V8, but reworked with a new intake system, plus different valve gear and camshafts. The V8 has also been dry-sumped, and to cope with the increased power the pistons are now forged items.

All together the front/mid-mounted V8 now produces a staggering 563bhp at 6800rpm, which means it’s not as powerful than the McLaren was, but has more torque. The power is sent to the back wheels via a new rear-mounted seven-speed twin-clutch transmission, and with a launch control system the SLS will sprint to 62mph in 3.8 seconds. Max speedis electronically limited to 197mph, and Mercedes is claiming 21.4mpg.

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