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Long Wheel Base Luxury Range Rovers

For quite a while now, the Range Rover Vogue has been my favorite all round luxury hire car. In terms of comfort there are few that can match it, and even those that do, namely the Mulsanne, Ghost or Phantom, cost a LOT more and come with a stigmatism attached. So when Land Rover announced that they were to start building the ultimate luxury Range Rover, I did contemplate the idea and came back with the question...why? I mean, the latest variant of the Vogue seems almost too good and nigh on impossible to improve. If you have driven one you will understand that they offer levels of ride that you would expect from driving a £10,000 mattress on the road with wheels. Bumps, and small imperfections in the tarmac are negligent when driving the Range, and despite it having the most amazing diesel powered unit, if you drive the petrol V8, my goodness does it feel smooth and quiet. On motorways you can hear your passengers breathing alla Darth Vadar (not a nice noise). If it is tech you want, the new Range offers everything already, so back to my first question - how? Well first, this new long wheel base version is definitely aimed at the chauffeur market, with the focus being on the rear compartment and passenger(s). The rear seats,which are electric recliners give you almost enough room to fully stretch out like sitting in first class on BA. In the seating position, one can feel like there is almost to much room to enjoy. I likened the rear cabin to a private jet, not that I own one. So, to further enhance the experience, two iPad esque screens adorn the rear of the front seats allowing you to have an in-car cinema experience, aided by the 8 million (actually less) speaker system. If you add in the massage feature as well you may not want to actually reach your destination, and chose instead to hang out for a little longer. Driving the LWB doesn't actually feel any different in performance or handling, which suprised me, in fact I think it may ride a little smoother. I know this is a biased statement, but if you have the opportunity to drive or be driven somewhere special, remember that at Premiere Velocity you can rent one to suit your schedule. You can call us on 0844 335 6937 or visit our website.

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