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Le Mans 2011 History and Manufacturers

Le Mans, the oldest and most famous endurance car race in the world is due to take place this year on the 11th and 12th of June. For years the hair raising 200mph test of immense driving skill has paid host to a whole hoard of prestigious car manufacturers. Think, Aston Martin, Bentley and Ferrari, all companies that used to rub shoulders in the paddock from as early as 1929. Today, the spectacle of Le Mans lives on, playing host to a veritable feast of racing technology. Of recent years Audi has dominated with its fearsome diesel powered R10 and this year, the Long awaited R15. Other prolific makes such as Porsche, Lamborghini and Maserati have also claimed victories as part of this great event. In the famous 20th century of LeMans, many of the cars taking part were available only to the highly rich and famous, capable only of competing in hardcore racing conditions, and hardly ever built to be usable or particularly attractive for road use. However, these days, the world of the supercar has provided us with a fantastic line up of cars above and beyond the capabilities of even some cars who have exclusively competed in the 24 hours. Cars like the sleek and sophisticated Audi R8, a car bulging with technology inspired by Audi's motorsport division. Or Mercedes New SLS AMG, a 600 BHP fire breather capable of almost 200mph. Lemans plays host to a different number of classes all complete with different cars. Lamborghini have recently entered their Gallardo, offered to us mere mortals in many sumptuous road guises. Cars like the LP560 and the new eagerly anticipated Bicolore edition are just two of the cars in a whole range of v10 delight. In short, almost every attractive supercar maker has Lemans History.

It is a gift then, that companies like Premiere Velocity offer a chance for virtually anyone to experience their own piece of Lemans history by offering almost every super or luxury car that comes to the Market to hire. Cars like the Lamborghini Gallardo and Audi R8 all come together under one roof surrounded by beauties such as the Ferrari F430, Astons DB9 and Maserati sexy Gran Turismo. An impressive and extensive fleet owned exclusively by the company is always looking for new space to accommodate the latest supercars. This unique chance that Premiere Velocity offers is testament to events like the Lemans 24 hours as it allows car fans in this day and age to experience Le Mans like power and quality, at competitive prices and with extremely easy access.

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