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Lamborghini LP570 Edizione Tecnica (New Additions)

Here at Premiere Velocity, we do love a Lamborghini! Lamborghini hire is possibly one of the most popular supercar rental searches in the UK. For the last few years we have watched our famed LP560 Bicolore and Spyder become our most popular vehicles throughout the hire calendar and give some of our excellent clients the time of their life. In light of this, it's only fitting we celebrate the 50th Anniversary in style, so what better way than to kick off the next 50 years of Lamborghini history but with the arrival of a new Lamborghini built specifically to commemorate this special supercar birthday.

Our stunning new LP570-4 Edizione Tecnica is presented in Rosso Mars (devil red!) against black stripes, roof and gunmetal alloys. This very rarelimited edition will be available to rent immediately through Premiere Velocity and is one of only 5 in the UK presented in this colour. So...the all important differences over the already savage LP560 start with an extra 18bhp (up from 552 to 570) not much in the grand scheme of things, but when you consider that the Edizione weighs almost 200kg less than the 560, the differences begin to show. In addition to this, the gearbox has been beefed up with faster shift times than the old box, and the exterior is awash with sumptuous carbon goodies. Bare carbon doors, mirrors, rear wing and side skirt extensions, it’s clear to see that this specific model has a lot in common with its race car big brother, the GT3 Super-Trofeo, a car that cuts its teeth at every year Le-Mans! The interior also keeps up with the race car theme with almost everything lavished in gorgeous alcantara, and the rather uncomfortable leather seats have now beenreplaced with fixed alcantara buckets trimmed in red to accentuate the cars outrageous colour scheme.

All this savagery can also be experienced alfresco, as we have opted for the convertible version of Lamborghini's final showcase before the face-lift Gallardo makes its real debut. Overall, we are all very excited to have such an incredible addition to our expanding rental fleet, happy birthday Lamborghini and happy summer time PV!!

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