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Lamborghini LP560-4 Spyder Hire Review

In a certain part of Northern England, Supercars are not a rare sight; I’m talking footballer territory, Cheshire, Wilmslow, Knutsford, Alderly Edge.... all the realm of the WAG. Première Velocity has kindly delivered the latest addition to their fleet – the Lamborghini LP560-4 Spyder. To be honest up to this point I thought that the new Lamborghini wasn’t going to be too different from the outgoing Gallardo Spyder, but how wrong I was.

This was the first convertible Lamborghini LP560 I had seen so to get the chance to drive one from self drive hire specialists Première Velocity was a real surprise. Especially since Lamborghini hire is a market with very few cars.

In the most fashionable colour, white with black leather and shiny black wheels this really does look amazing. Even the seats have white contrast stitching and piping, the perforated steering wheel feels just right and the driving position is spot on. So I drop the roof down and take it easy as the Lamborghini V10 warms up, the roof goes down and folds away neatly in a matter of seconds which aids the wondrous sound of this Lambo engine as I wind in and out of B road heaven. Again, like the coupe version of this Lamborghini the E-gear system works like a dream, in auto and manual modes, I’m amazed by the smooth transition which only becomes harsher when you hit the ‘sport’ button.

Time for a quick squirt on the A34 and into Manchester City centre. The speed and acceleration of this car is phenomenal. I struggle to contemplate the force these wheels must exert on the low profile tyres as I scream through a tunnel thinking I’m at the Monaco grand prix. And to be honest, the sound deflecting off the wheels isn’t too far off the noises you hear on a F1 circuit. As I hit the traffic at the centre of Manchester’s West End I quickly put the roof back up as I don’t wish to be consumed by the whiff of emissions – bad idea, it’s much more fun on the roads of Cheshire so I turn around at the first opportunity and zoom straight back to where the air is clean and the roads are clear......

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