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Lamborghini LP560-4 Hire Review

What better way to spend a grey rainy day than driving one of the most amazing supercars built to date – the Lamborghini LP560-4. From the moment I started the amazing Lamborghini V10 I knew the day was going to brighten up. My route was going to take me from sleepy Hertfordshire into London. Now I know what you’re thinking – why London? Well, if you get the time right it really can be a great city to drive through.

With the sun failing to break the cloud cover the engine was soon warmed to optimal temperature, the 4 wheel drive system gripped the sodden tarmac of the A1 and off I went. It’s not surprising that Lamborghini hire offers you the opportunity to drive the car how it should be driven (within the speed limits of course!). On a straight road the car is comfortable and makes a pleasant noise not becoming of a supercar, but.... if that straight road becomes the Hatfield Galleria tunnel and you squeeze the accelerator then the pleasant noise becomes the ‘Sound of the Siren’, decibels bouncing off the walls, filling your eardrums with what they wanted to hear, giving this petrol head what he needed. And then.... Calm, ease off the power, and take in the gorgeous German interior engineered by Audi but made flamboyant by Lamborghini. Dials where you want them to be a huge speedometer and rev counter enticing you to depress the accelerator once again. This is what Lamborghini hire is all about, having the time to enjoy the entire car without a salesman sitting next to you trying his hardest to explain how everyone keeps looking at the car and thinking you’re a celebrity!

Eventually I arrive in London on this damp Sunday morning and I realise that not once have I thought it was wet on the road that must be the LP560’s amazing 4 wheel drive grip. Edgware road is quiet, not the usual busy place it is. Down through Marble Arch and the white Lamborghini attracts a few fleeting glances from early morning exercisers pounding the Hyde Park paths and the I pass the opulence of Park Lane and Mayfair where this Lamborghini for the first time doesn’t look out of place. Onto to Knightsbridge and I suddenly realise how easy this £160,000 supercar is to drive! The E-gear auto system works flawlessly, a huge improvement on the hugely popular Lamborghini Gallardo. Put the box into manual and the gear change happens so smooth and fast you could be forgiven for not realising the gear has actually changed. It’s at this point that I realise the London roads are getting busier and decide to quit whilst the going is good. So onto the A40, push hard for the M25 and then back up the A10 to a still sleepy Hertfordshire. Now that’s what I call a great morning and all thanks to the Supercar hire company – Première Velocity.

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