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Is the recession hitting this market?

After a very busy and successfull October we are wondering if the country is finally showing signs of coming out of the worst recession in history.

Premiere Velocity and the Supercar/Prestige car hire industry seem to be going from strength to strenghth and that's thanks mainly to our fantastic customers.

.....It has been quite a suprise to us all here just how busy October has been, and with the festival of Ede fast approaching we are hoping November will be a good month.

We have been working in the media a fair bit recently, but more about that later.

What with Ferrari releaseing the new 458 Italia and Lamborghini not that far off of releasing the replacement for the Murcielago at aroung £300k, you could be mistaken for thinking that there is no recession!

We here just hope that our customers keep hiring and coming back for more.


The Premiere Velocity team

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