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Huracan vs Huracan Spyder

It's only a matter of a few weeks until we get our brand new Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, finished in Black with stunning lime green accents and interior - certainly a striking configuration for such a wild car itself.

The Spyder is a very eagerly anticipated car, not just for Première Velocity, but for petrolheads World over who are ready for the next instalment in the V10 franchise that succeeded the Gallardo.

In terms of performance, the engine stats stay the same with a ferocious 610bhp V10 coupled to a silky smooth twin clutch gearbox and a sports exhaust system.

The Huracan stays true to the baby Lambo’s of old with the nostalgic cloth roof – this also manages to save weight over cars like the Ferrari 458 Spider which have the more conventional, yet heavier metal hard-top.

The Huracan Spyder is essentially an exercise in style and boldness.. I would say that 90% of clients that hire or even buy the Huracan Spyder will be interested in being seen in it, rather than the overall driving experience.. With the roof off, the Aventador inspired lines and arachnid accents look truly stunning, and with our car arriving in menacing black metallic with the poisonous green callipers and interior, it’s sure to turn a great many heads when it finally hits the streets.

We're certainly very excited for its arrival - be the first to know by liking us on Facebook by clicking here.

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