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Huracan & 458 Spider - Our Two New Toys

It has finally arrived! Our new Lamborghini Huracan is proving an instant hit with our clients, in fact we haven't hardly seen her since the arrival. Staff at Premiere Velocity have been clambering to get their hands on our new 602 horse powered Lambo, but have been pleasingly disappointed as it's never around, due to it spending most days prancing around the streets of London on hire. The Huracan really stands out from the crowd in it's 'blu caelum' magnificence, gloss black rims and contrast black and yellow interior, and that goes without saying the noise the updated V10 unit from Italy makes. In all honesty I haven't had the opportunity to drive it yet, but if the press reports, along with the Top Gear preview are anything to go by, then you are all in for a treat. Some of our clients so far have reported back, and the best way to describe if it had an impact is this- they all rebooked for another few days, so happy clients mean a happy Premiere Velocity. With the summer fast approaching, now is the best time to get your Supercar rentals arranged as leaving it to the last minute is not the way forward as we sell out fairly quick. The same goes for booking through companies that are really just websites with library images and no real cars. Play it safe and book through us on 0844 335 6937, you can even arrange to come and view the vehicle on site for extra piece of mind.

The second piece of wonderful news is that our new Ferrari 458 Italia Spider will be arriving in April. We are keeping our colour choice quiet for now so you will have to keep an eye out online to see. We are taking forward bookings however, so once again, contact one of our sales team on 0844 335 6937. You could soon be one of the first of our clients to get behind the wheel of 570 bhp of Ferrari madness, and once your take that roof area away, wow, just wow, that's about all i can say. This is as close you will get to an on road F1 experience in terms of soundstage, handling and feeling.....can you resist? Of course you can't.

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